AMORA "The Spiritual Girl"

An Artist like and unlike any other, AMORA was born a Capri-Quarius and only child to a young couple that would shortly thereafter be divorced. She was born and raised primarily (although, she has lived in many areas of the USA)in Middletown, Connecticut in an old  1700's church converted into a two-family home, living with most of her extended family, including three Mary's: her mother, grandmother and aunt. No person was held in higher esteem than her grandfather, a historically famous decorated war hero, published writer, political activist and entrepreneur. Times were by no means easy financially or emotionally, but she always had the music in her soul to guide her through and the belief in love, destiny, truths, and possibilities of life. From choral groups to talent shows to recitals to musicals to acting performances to gigs to national television appearances, as early as three she knew every word to every song on the radio, and has been performing since she was seven. Simply taking a look through her music collection would be the easiest way to see a glimpse into her inspirations. From Hip-Hop, R & B, Pop, Freestyle, Urban Dance/Trance, Rock and RAP to timeless Singer/Songwriters, Classical, Jazz...and on and on. What she brings to the industry is true love for the music that saves her life.To say growing up with so many influences makes her versatile is an understatement; just call her a modern renaissance woman. 
She carries with her the strong conviction that where you come from is the key to each person's life. Since the moment of her birth, she has been actively involved in entertaining and dramatic ventures, both professionally and personally.Through it all she has never lost touch with the individual she was born to be, despite her yin and yang internal battle. Born with the mentality to acknowledge the truth behind words and actions, her compassionate and fierce heart has often spoken up against injustice and prejudice. Still...vanity, deceit and mystery seemed to lurk around her and determination inside of her; until one day she awoke to faith and enlightenment. Not long after her graduation from college and arrival in New York City, she moved into Harlem where she discovered the courage for her passion in the musical genres she learned from, although she had been doing it since she was thirteen. With an inherent ability to understand the streets, it was then she discovered that through her artistry and experiences she would be able to expose humankind to the secrets hidden in their souls.
Her hope is that one day people will be able to embrace their differences and exist positively as one human race. She is a young tough female that has lived many lives, with skeletons in her closet, mistakes made along the way, and struggles she has been through. Now is the time for her to give back the gifts she has been given, with her playing a large part in helping to heal, teach, and bring together the people of the world. Her destiny is no better than any other; it is simply unique. Her lyrics have a truth in a day and age where so few rarely speak it. True to her outlandish and outspoken personality, it seems inevitable that this nationally exposed, faithful, tenacious, endearing and strong woman will achieve anything she sets her mind to. 
This “Diamond in the Rough” demonstrates the strength of a courageous multi-cultural songwriter, femcee and singer who is driven by a mission to unite the people of the world, balance the battle of the sexes and stand as a respected female not to be underestimated. It is certain this talented and magical woman is on her way to wonderful further success...
President and CEO 
Founded by AMORA in 2001, HEIROS GAMOS ENTERTAINMENT has structured itself with experience and built stability by its' ever-increasing network of shared resources and contacts with integrity and passion. Our Board of Directors is comprised of wisdom, experience and tenacity.


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AMORA "The Godmother"

​AMORA, a.k.a. "The Godmother" manifests her creation after spending many years behind-the-scenes and underground honing her musical vision and craft as a soulful siren. Strategizing the tru skool takeover in entertainment, she is incomparable in her victory.

In 1997, AMORA moved to New York City to pursue a career in entertainment after graduating from college. She was invited into SESAC as an affiliate songwriter and publisher in 1998 and trademarked her own stage name, AMORA, to protect her rights as an entertainer.
She released her self-titled demo, AMORA, in 2000 garnering her much industry attention for her RAP-singing fusion style intertwining many musical genres together seemlessly into one catchy commercial sound. Learning the mechanism of music and the industry, she decided to release Platinum Heart  in 2006, So Unexpected  (her 1st official release party and video single) in 2008, and The Spiritual Girl EP in 2008 independently via her record label AMORA Inc. under HEIROS GAMOS ENTERTAINMENT LLC, in order to maintain her artistic freedom as a Recording Artist. She joined The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences in 2005 as an Associate Member, and in 2008 became a Voting Member (receiving an excellence in membership certification in 2008). She has maintained strong relationships with entertainers, notable politicians and industry leaders for many years. ​As President and Chief Executive Officer of HEIROS GAMOS ENTERTAINMENT LLC, in 2007 she launched RISE OF THE INDEPENDENTS, a ground-breaking initiative founded in CT, featuring a talented roster of HEIROS GAMOS' Allied Artists, appearing on Fox News in 2009 for a feature story on...


She has been featured on OPRAH for several episodes on Suze Orman's Financial Freedom Team, SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO, and appeared in various regional television programs via mainstream and local media. VH1 asked to feature her in a reality show called "Miss Rap Supreme", she kept true to her own mission. Articles have been written about her in the SESAC industry publication New and Now section, The Fairfield Weekly, The Hartford Advocate, The New Haven Advocate, and The Middletown Press; as well as many independent media blogs and sources of interest such as AllMusic and The Middletown Eye. Her music can be found on iTunes and iHeart Radio, as well as over 80 internet music sites, and on internet/college/commercial radio, video, tv and movies from The U.S.A. to around the globe. DJ's are spinning her songs on radio, in clubs and across the internet all around the world. Living more than a decade in NYC and now in Fairfield County CT, close to the city, she has performed in over 400 shows in NYC, LA, Chicago (Midwest), and throughout the Northeast. AMORA's shows are custom designed and tailored to fit each event. She steps up acapella, acoustic, on shows with The Rise Project featuring small to large set-up productions with special artists and musicians, and with other artists as a special guest; appearing at bars, lounges, cafes, nightclubs, music venues, showcases, festivals and on promotional tours. ​​​AMORA has proven herself to be a charitable "champion of the people" by establishing positive social and racial relations for peaceful co-existence and has donated many of her performances to help worthy causes. 

What makes AMORA successful is sincerity and experience on both sides of the desk, having worked with many corporate and independent organizations in various fields. With an inclination toward Hip Hop, "Pushing the limits of hip-hop and being a bit eclectic", she worked in A & R for Def Jam in 1998; and as a freelance music artist, A & R, and promoter for Universal Music Group starting in 2008. AMORA has done creative development, songwriting, production and/or promoted for many top-notch artists and companies. She has collaborated with many major and independent entertainment companies. She is respected from the streets, to the stage, to the boardroom. AMORA is a strong benevolent leader who fights for the children and strives to put RISE OF THE INDEPENDENTS on the mainstream creative map. In 1999 she was awarded Lifetime Membership in The Office of Strategic Services Society as a Lineal Descendant of her grandfather, Max Corvo, for her work in awareness of the contributions of veterans of war and the organization's relocation to Washington D.C. from NYC. She is a visionary, like her historically famous grandfather, who was Head of Operations for the O.S.S. in Italy during WWII and whose strategic plan called Operation Husky was responsible for capturing Mussolini. Raised in a creative, political-military family and known for her strong integrity, there's no telling what this "Diamond in the Rough" is capable of...
​The Godmother has arrived!
 Her next album, "The Godmother", had been rumored to be released in 2013 on a major label imprint, but due to label delays she chose to put it out as an exclusive mixtape, releasing the first single on October 20, 2014.

"ON AND ON: King of the Monsters (MTown Mix)"

AMORA’s promotional song "ON AND ON (King of the Monsters)" was transposed into a #1 Billboard song by a major artist in Spring 2014, and that's when she decided it was time to come forward from a background of ghost writing hits for others, as quite a few artists had tried to mimic her conceptual thrust behind this song and tried to claim credit for it. "ON AND ON (King of the Monsters)" has spawned 5 major songs and 11 remixes thus far, since its' creation in 2010.

Currently, AMORA is producing/songwriting and submitting to major label artists for consideration.​